Reaching children’s heart as well as their minds.

Our Mission

1- Foster the development of self-esteem and a positive attitude towards the learning process.
2- Contribute towards a child’s development of respect for cultural diversity (multiculturalism).
3- Encourage spiritual development and the learning of values in children.
4- Provide linguistically rich (bilingual) environment where children can develop holistically.
5- Develop an appreciation for the family, church, and community.
6-Grow an appreciation and sense of care for the environment and all living creatures.
7- Promote constant communication and coordination between the Academy and the home which seeks cooperation.

We will accomplish the Academy’s vision and mission by means of providing a safe environment, tender love and care, in partnership with our families and the Academy staff.

Our Vision
The Deltona Baptist Academy exists to transmit the love of God and Kingdom values found in the Ten Commandments, the Sermon of the Mount and the Beatitudes, through acts of care and attention.